Watanabe International, Inc.

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About Us

Founded in 1983 by Eric & Janice Watanabe, WATANABE INTERNATIONAL, INC. has strived to set new standards of excellence in the Real Estate field. With unparalleled focus on what is truly best for the client, we have made it our goal to help others succeed with Real Estate. Learn More

Are You a Buyer?

Normally, real estate companies are perceived to have just ONE goal in mind when it comes to working with a Buyer: GETTING PAID.  It's this perception that has given birth to the image of the real estate agent in the eyes of the general public: Fast-talking, hard selling, money-counting, eyes-on the-prize - well, you know...the stereotypical REALTOR.
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Report a Problem

If you are renting one of our properties, utilize our Report a Problem web page and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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What Our Clients Say!

Our experience with Watanabe was professional with a personal touch from start to finish. In the future we are planning to use them and will continue to refer family and friends.

A testimonial from Eric and Michelle Spencer

Our family was never fluent in the many aspects of real estate. Watanabe International, Inc led us through each step in a way that respected our preferences and limitations

A testimonial from Matthew and Sarah Corry

Watanabe's expertise, resources and people skills gave us a sense of calmness and confidence during the stress of selling our first home.

A testimonial from Dr. Lisa Kahikina and Sean McNamara



    Invest with Us!

    Watanabe International, Inc. was founded on the ideals that owning Real Estate can be the cornerstone of your financial success. Thus, we firmly believe in and educate our agents and clients on the opportunities that investing in real estate can provide.

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    Property Management

    Property management can be a time consuming task. Tenant screening, rent collection and the day-to-day management and bookkeeping can be a full time job, especially when you have more productive matters that need your focused attention. At Watanabe International, Inc., we handle all aspects of managing your property.

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    Let Us Manage your Property!

    With over thirty years of experience, we have shown that we provide both professional and effective property management. We would be more than happy to sit down and discuss, in detail, our services and answer any questions and alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the management of your property.

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